My Dance With Booze

A Love Story


Michael McCaffery

"El Loco"

Created July 1, 2021

Updated January 28, 2022

Copyright 2021
All Rights Reserved


     This is a personal, passionate, penetrating, and perplexing yet true story of my relationship with one of the loves of my life, and definitely my worst enemy, both contained within the magic elixir of alcohol.

     I may ramble, tell somewhat difficult yet funny and sometimes semi-tragic stories, all with the purpose of ridding my Self of any remaining demons I have, and to do it fully, publicly, humanly, openly, and humorously, provided I can muster up the somewhat forgotten and embarrassing memories while I am able to describe them fully and in the proper context.
     I have covered some of this territory before on a previous website which can be found at 

which has a bit more detail as background, should the Reader be willing, tolerant, and able enough to wade through it.   We all like to ascribe any of our shortcomings to our past by way of explanation, and I am no different.  I do recognize that blaming the present on the past is not fruitful, and does not allow for proper and self-generated correction, healing, and forgiveness, yet it cannot be cast aside and ignored, either.  And so I say this to provide some background while knowing it is not a particularly useful explanation.

     I have created this website for both personal and educational reasons, in that addiction to and misuse of alcohol is a relatively problem among human-kind, and in my opinion deserves attention by those so affected in whatever way.  I also think that hearing of the experience from one who has dealt with it his whole life may shed some light on the subject, and perhaps be useful to others.   I hope to learn as much by writing about this as the Reader learns by reading it.  My approach is at the same time both whimsical and serious, as almost all of my communications are, as those who know me well can confirm.

     Finally, please bring tolerance and a sense of humor with you as you read along; you might even be entertained.   I have no motive other than to enlighten and inform you, and poke around some dusty corners of my life as a prospector might look for gold amongst the piles of coal.

As so let us go forward into a humorous and poignant website about the life of someone who has had a great fondness for alcohol in its many forms (and still do), and who at this point no longer consumes it, at least for now.  As someone once famously, usefully, and poignantly said:   "One Day At A Time."

A final warning before the Reader dares to proceed:   This is a rough draft of the complete website, is consciously presented as something to be changed and added to routinely and often, as appropriate and as my Muse directs and allows.   If I have it my way, and I intend to have it my way, it will never be finished, only added to and improved.   I do not charge for viewing per access, by the minute, nor by the revelation nor humor (or lack thereof) presented.   It is yours to do with as you see fit.  I hope to entertain and exercise and exorcise my demons and insights, and further to be able to tell the difference between those two.

Have fun!