My Dance With Booze
A Love Story



As I write this update on May 8, 2022, I have not consumed alcohol for over eight months, and life has never been better in terms of clarity, energy, openness, and ability to dance with whatever comes toward me.

I think I am on to something!  

I have quit for varying times before, and as the old saying goes "one day at a time" which works pretty well for me now.  And so I am left with nothing/everything, the ultimate Zen conundrum, and it is all the same yet profoundly different.   Further words cannot better explain it.   It simply is, always has been, and always will be.  And I know that this place will gradually disappear and change, but the memory will remain, and that is the important part, the take-away, and the gift, and the lesson.   I have read about this, and now have experienced it.  And all there is left to do is continue on, as always, and take what comes and honor and learn from that and to rejoice that I am alive, for now, and that is all that matters.